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The Equaliversity Logo:A blue shield with white writing and a rainbow infinity symbol underneath.

Organisational Membership

Every single person in an organisation has a role to play in creating and maintaining a workplace based upon equality, it happens by design not by accident. Organisational membership gives your entire organisation access to the knowledge, tools and skills needed to work towards an equal workplace for everyone.

Membership Features

Learning Programmes

Unlimited access to our world-class learning programmes to share the knowledge, tools and skills needed to achieve and maintain equality in the workplace, for everyone.

Learning Support

Access to weekly office hours, accessible online from anywhere for all students, with members of our faculty for learning support and help applying the learning gained in the workplace.

Dedicated Learning Faciltator

For more guided and facilitated support for students in your organisation, we can provide a dedicated learning facilitator and a more customised learning experience. Additional fee applicable.

Learning Programmes Included:

Foundations of Equality programme logo

Foundations Of Equality

A foundational programme for everyone in an organisation to acquire a basic and shared understanding of what it means to lead to and live with equality.

Release Date: Q1 2024

Logo for Path to Equality Programme

Path To Equality

A complete learning experience for people at any level of an organisation to learn, practice and apply the core skills needed to create and thrive in an equal workplace.

Release Date: Q3 2024

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