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The Equaliversity Logo:A blue shield with white writing and a rainbow infinity symbol underneath.

Welcome To The Equaliversity

A Virtual University For Organisations Committed To Achieving Systemic Equality And Replacing Capitalism With Equalism*

The Equaliversity is an online learning environment created and led by Mission Equality. We support startups, non-profits and forward-thinking organisations to create equality at all levels – individually, collectively and systemically – using progressive education as a driver of change.

Learning Programmes

Foundations of Equality programme logo

Foundations Of Equality

A foundational programme for everyone in an organisation to acquire a basic and shared understanding of what it means to lead to and live with equality.

Release Date: Q3 2024

Logo for Path to Equality Programme

Path To Equality

A complete learning experience for people at any level of an organisation to learn, practice and apply the core skills needed to create and thrive in an equal workplace.

Release Date: Q4 2024

Mx of Equality programme logo

Mx Of Equality

For senior leadership teams to build upon the paradigms needed to lead to equality and help create a viable ecosystem as an alternative to capitalism.

Release: Already in pre-release


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