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The Equaliversity Logo:A blue shield with white writing and a rainbow infinity symbol underneath.

Welcome To The Equaliversity…

A virtual university to educate and support leaders of the future who can lead the way to equality for all.

Faculty & Team

We’re building a different kind of organisation that…

  • Is fully, wholly and deeply committed to equality, via diversity, equity, belonging and anti-racism across everything we do.
  • Focuses on equity to achieve equality; which means that people will be treated differently to ensure that everyone can start at the same starting line.
  • Maintains its standards, no matter what, because the vision of what we’re working to achieve is bigger than any one person.

We are building our team with intention and care…

  • We will always work to have a majority Black and Brown leadership team.
  • We will always work to be a majority Black and Brown team.
  • Everyone will be paid, equally, on the same pay scale.
  • Black and Brown members of the team will be paid at least 30% more than white members of the team, as a form of financial reparations and to acknowledge the additional, unseen labour of microaggressions, biases and other forms of racial discrimination that will happen.

Equaliversity Faculty Team

Lea Jovy-Ford

Lea Jovy-Ford

Co-Founder, Strategic Vision Lead & Key Faculty For MxE in Business & Leadership.

Sharon Hurley Hall

Sharon Hurley Hall

Co-Founder & Equality Lead

Mae Ajayi

Mae Ajayi

Education Lead


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