Master of Equality (ME) in Anti-Racism & Allyship to the Global Majority

Leading To Equality 

The modules in this section focus on the foundation of the path to equality – leadership and what it takes to LEAD to equality. You’ll explore the qualities and actions of anti-racist leadership, the challenges and the skills needed.

Module: Being An Anti-Racist Leader

In this module, you’ll explore what being a leader on the path to anti-racism means for you, personally and professionally. You’ll understand how you can lead, no matter where you are on your journey to anti-racism, and you’ll participate in our experiential learning to practice and hone your ability to be an anti-racist leader.

Module Contents

What Does Anti-Racist Leadership Look Like?

A red shield with: Biases, Beliefs, Values and Mindset. An orange shield with: Commitments, Behaviours and Actions.

Learning Outcomes Include:

  • A deeper understanding of what anti-racist leadership looks like.
  • A greater awareness of the gaps in your own perception, awareness, understanding of racism/anti-racism.
  • A deeper understanding of the impact you have in the world and your ability to do harm/no harm.

How Does Anti-Racist Leadership Work
(Or Not)?

A yellow shield with: Roles, Responsibilities and Reparations. A green shield with: Anti-racist Leadership In Action.

Learning Outcomes Include:

  • A deeper understanding of the roles and responsibilities you currently hold in each area of your life when it comes to racism/anti-racism, and the impact you have.
  • An understanding of how to operationalise anti-racism as a leader – personally and professionally.

What Kind Of
Anti-Racist Leader Are You?

A blue shield with: Purpose, Vision and Scope. A purple shield with: Living Anti-Racist Leadership.

Learning Outcomes Include:

  • Clarity on the kind of anti-racist leader you’re committing to be.
  • A deeper understanding of how you can lead to anti-racism in all areas of your life.
  • A greater ability to communicate your anti-racism journey to others, and increase your impact and influence.

Core Reading & Resource List

These are the core materials for the module; early preparation is recommended if possible. Additional resources are shared within the module contents.

Book cover for the book: The Anti-Racist Organization by Shereen Daniels
Cover graphic for the newsletter, Doing Business Differently. Neon red writing that says: "Screw It Let's Do It" on a black background.
Book cover for the book: The Wake Up by Michelle MiJung Kim. The words "The Wake Up" on a black background.
Book cover for the book: The Waymakers by Tara Jaye Frank. Writing on a blue background.

How The Program & Modules Work

Program Duration

Access to the modules you register for is for 12 months from the date you register. The modules are self-paced and we recommend you work through them at a pace which allows deep reflection, engagement and time to process and integrate your learnings and any changes you choose to make.

Program Format​

As soon as the module contents is released, you’ll be invited to create an account on our learning platform and invited on to our virtual (2D) campus, as a guest (all full fee-paying modules – excluding the introductory module – will receive full access to our virtual campus for 12 months). Module content is accessible online from any web browser with an internet connection; as the virtual Equametaverse environment takes shape, you can also choose to learn in this 3D version of our learning space with a 3D headset.

The online learning resources and materials include the following formats:

  • Clickable online images.
  • Video & audio resources.
  • Interactive quizzes.
  • Text-based resources.

We also highly recommend you access the module reading & resources list which is typically a selection of reading material in various formats. This is not mandatory but will help deepen, broaden and enrich your understanding and experience of a module.

Program Support & Community

All students will have access to our online community space while you have access to your module(s). We also highly recommend joining one or more of our Associations for additional resources and live support during your learning journey. 

Pre-Registration Is Open Now…

Pre-Register For This Module Only

Register early for this module only.
The full fee will be $695 in Oct 2022.

Receive access to the module contents as soon as this is released in December 2022.

Pre-Register For This Section

Register early for all 3 modules in this section.
The full fee will be $1,995 in Oct 2022.

Receive access as soon as the content of each module is released (Dec 2022, Jan 2023 and Feb 2023).

Questions Answered

When will the module contents be released?

The contents for this module “Being An Anti-Racist Leader” will be released and available at the end of December 2022. 

How long does it take to complete a module?

Each module is designed to be self-paced; if you worked on a module full time, we would expect it to take you about a week (20-30 hours) to complete.

Is there any live support for the program?

We provide live personal support on your journey to anti-racism via the Anti-Racist Leaders Association (at an additional cost). As an ME student, you will also receive an invite to join our virtual 2D community campus space in Orbital, to meet fellow students and join guest lectures and additional live sessions throughout your program.

Is there an exam?

No, there is no exam. There are numerous challenges and activities throughout the module however which you will need to complete successfully before progressing to the next part of the module. These are designed to check your ability to identify, challenge, resolve and design better for racism. These challenges take place in our 2D or 3D (3D launching in 2023) learning environments.

You’ll receive a certificate of completion when you’ve completed each section (of 3 modules) and a certificate for your Master of Equality (ME) upon successful completion of all the modules.

Is this certified? Is it a ‘real’ Masters qualification?

No, it is not though we are working on certifying our programs through a variety of certification providers because we know some people value these. The real measure and true test however is the achievement of equity and equality in more workplaces around the world and the existence of more leaders who do less/no harm and understand how to repair, recover and keep doing better. No certification or qualification can ‘prove’ or demonstrate this. 

Further Modules In This Section…

Module: Leading For (A) Change

Pre-registration: October 2022 | Module available: January 2023

This module explores the process of change and the need for change management capabilities to lead the way to anti-racism in your organisation or community.

    Module: Leading Under Fire

    Pre-registration: October 2022 | Module available: February 2023

    This module explores the pressure and challenges of leading the way to anti-racism and explores strategies, tools, techniques and ways to address these.

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