Master of Equality (ME) in Anti-Racism & Allyship to the Global Majority

About This Program

A program for leaders committed to building and working in an anti-racist organisation and for anyone who wants to learn how to be a true ally to members of the Global Majority. You’ll learn from experts in their fields and leaders who have built and are leading anti-racist organisations and communities, around the world.

Your Commitment

1) To work towards anti-racism in all aspects of your life – and lead others by example.

2) To do no harm – to Black and Brown people, everywhere.

3) To take full responsibility – for the impact of your words and actions.

4) To commit to reparations – without question, as requested by the people you harm.

5) To share your journey – with transparency about your progress, struggles and work towards being an anti-racist leader.

We use the REAL World Equality Framework to structure a path through the program…

The REAL World Equality Framework


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In the introduction to the program, you’ll explore the mindset and motivation behind the drive for equality and the need to be not just ‘not racist’ but actively anti-racist.

In this module you’ll explore:

  • The Business Case vs The Human Case For Anti-Racism.
  • Why Many People Don’t Want To Be Anti-Racist.
  • The Benefits of Anti-Racism (For Everyone).
  • What Anti-Racism Looks Like (And What It Doesn’t)
  • Where Are You On The Scale Of Racist To Anti-Racist?

– Open For Enrolment October 2022 –

In the section, you’ll understand the role representation plays in the path to anti-racism and building an anti-racist organisation.

Modules in this section include:

  • The Role of Representation On The Path To Anti-Racism.
  • What Does Representation Look Like In The Workplace?
  • What Comes After Representation?

– Open For Enrolment October 2022 –

In this section, you’ll explore what it takes to create an equal workplace and what role equity places on the path to equality.

Modules in this section include:

  • An Equitable vs An Equal Workplace.
  • How To Create An Equal Workplace.
  • Overcoming The Hurdles On The Path To An Equal Workplace.

– Open For Enrolment October 2022 –

In this section, you’ll explore the role that accountability plays in the path to anti-racism and equality in organisations.

Modules in this section include:

  • Roles & Responsibilities In An Anti-Racist Organisation.
  • Managing Risk In An Anti-Racist Organisation.
  • Repair & Recovery On The Path To Anti-Racism.

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In this section, you’ll explore the role that leadership plays on the path to anti-racism and equality.

Modules in this section include:

  • Being An Anti-Racist Leader.
  • Leading For (A) Change.
  • Leading Under Fire.

Pre-Launch: Being An Anti-Racist Leader


When will the program be open for enrolment?

The modules in the section – Leading To Equality – will open for full enrolment in October 2022. The modules in the remaining three sections will be open for enrolment in January 2023.

When will the modules be available?

The module content for the three modules in the section – Leading To Equality – will be available as follows:

  • Introduction – end of October 2022
  • Being An Anti-Racist Leader – end of December 2022
  • Leading For (A) Change – end of January 2022
  • Leading Under Fire – end of February 2022

The module content for all other modules will be available in 2023.

How does the program work?

You do not need to complete the full program and each section is available to purchase separately (which will give you access to all the modules within that section. You’ll receive a certificate of completion when you’ve completed each section and a certificate for your Master of Equality (ME) upon successful completion of all the modules.

Is there an exam?

No, there is no exam. There are numerous challenges throughout the program however which you will need to complete successfully before progressing to the next part of a module/section. These are designed to check your ability to identify, challenge, resolve and design better for discrimination of all kinds.

These challenges take place in our 2D or 3D environments – you’ll start out in the current world where you’ll practise your allyship. When you demonstrate this well, you’ll gain access to the ‘equal’ world in which your task will be to uphold the equality that exists there…because an ‘equal world’ doesn’t mean zero discrimination (people are human after all!), it simply means the world – systems, structures, constructs etc. – are set up for equality and no longer uphold imbalances of power, privilege and access for specific groups of people.

Is this certified? Is it a ‘real’ Masters qualification?

No, it is not though we are working on certifying our programs through a variety of certification providers because we know some people value these. The real measure and true test however is the achievement of equity and equality in more workplaces around the world and the existence of more leaders who do less/no harm and understand how to repair, recover and keep doing better. No certification or qualification can ‘prove’ or demonstrate this.

Is there any live support for the program?

We provide live support on your journey to equality via our community groups and, more specifically, the Associations. You will also have the opportunity to join guest ‘lectures’ and live sessions throughout the program, no matter what module you’re working on.


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