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Mx* of Equality (MxE)

“The MBA for the future” – A leadership development programme for people committed to designing, building and leading organisations and workplaces that create equality for all.

* Why Mx? It’s gender neutral.

Who This Programme Is For…

The programme is designed for executive and senior leadership teams who understand the significant impact of leading from a different paradigm – trust and freedom, not power and control – to create organisations designed intentionally for equality for everyone and how that can create systemic change from within…

Programme Overview

The Mx of Equality is a strategic and operational roadmap for organisations who want to ‘operationalise equality’; for those who want to go beyond typical ‘DEI’ initiatives and performative ‘tweaks’ and who understand that building an organisation with equality as the foundation requires significant business change at every level, starting with you, the leadership team. Because you also understand WHY it matters…

‘Operationalising equality’ results in organisations that:

  • Create and nurture environments that facilitate everyone to work in a way that works for them, and have the impact desired.
  • Put space, ease, inspiration and even joy – yes joy – back into work for people at all levels.
  • Achieve significant impact individually and collectively, but not at the expense of anyone or anything in the organisation.
  • Build a culture of self leadership, reducing the need for managers, management and a culture of micro managing (aka control).
  • Continually redefine what value means to those invested in an organisation’s impact (hint: It’s not about just money or financial profit).
  • Exist for the good of communities and those they serve, while adding to and not extracting from the ecosystem in which they operate.
  • Create the potential for systemic change on a wider scale.

The programme is ideal for:

  • Executives and senior leadership teams who are committed to moving towards an equal organisation, at all levels.
  • HR and People professionals who’ve been tasked with ‘DEI’ objectives in their company, but without the support required.
  • Founders and startup leadership teams who’d like a roadmap to build their company with equality as a foundation, from the beginning.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Defining visions, strategies, frameworks and guidelines fully aligned to your organisation’s values and that centre equality as a foundation.
  • Using tried and tested frameworks to put in place values-aligned operational foundations including policies, processes and platforms.
  • Learning, practising and honing the competencies and skills you need to become a more impactful leader to lead from a place of trust and freedom and not power and control.
  • Discussing, ideating and participating in ongoing conversations (and ideally collaborative initiatives) to expand the ecosystems of equality each organisation is building from within.

Programme Information

Programme Format

A modular programme, the course is delivered 100% online using a variety of multimedia content formats, including:

  • Text
  • Audio
  • Video

While most of the initial content is in 2D format, more experiential, 3D virtual reality formats will be added to enrich the experience in future versions. Aside from the introductory module, the programme is not linear; participants can start with any module they choose and work through them in any order that best suits your organisation. 

Programme Duration

Participants have full access to all available content upon joining for the duration of membership/while there’s an active subscription. We recommend participants work through the programme at a pace that is sustainable to you and your organisation; typically we’d expect this to take at least 6-12 months if not longer, depending upon what stage of growth and progress your organisation is at.

Programme Support & Facilitation

Participants can work through the programme individually, collectively as a leadership team and/or join a group cohort with other participants also working through the programme. If you choose to join a cohort, the cohort facilitator will lead you through the programme contents at a structured pace which you can choose to follow, or not. 

All participants have access to a monthly programme-specific group session hosted live online, as well as an online ‘office hours’ session to answer any questions or provide additional support. We can also provide operation and implementation support if required on a consulting basis.

Programme Details

What are the programme fees?

You can see the programme fees and the options for joining at the bottom of this page.

These are introductory fees – the programme launched end of 2023 with the introductory module; the contents of each further module will be made available every 2-3 months with the full programme contents due to be available by the end of 2024.

Are there any prerequisites to study the MxE?

No. You do not have to have a degree, any other qualifications or other work experience and there are no barriers or pre-requisites to studying for the Mx of Equality. You will get the most out of it however if you hold a senior leadership/executive role which allows you to facilitate and lead to the change you want to see across your organisation.

Is this a recognised qualification?

Recognised by whom? As you’ll experience, we are working towards a very different ecosystem and world to the one we live in today.

Our goal with the programme is to equip you, as a leader, with the competence, confidence and capabilities to lead towards the future we all need; to be a progressive, visionary thinker, an impactful action-taker and an ally and accomplice to those who are most deliberately disadvantaged today.

You’ll gain access to the frameworks, tools and resources to effect change across your entire organisation, with the opportunity to become a recognised, respected, impactful and deeply trusted leader of your people. That’s the type of ‘qualification’ we’re preparing you for.

Does all of the learning take place online?

Yes, the programme is run online to make it as accessible as possible to everyone, everywhere. If you have any additional accessibility needs, please let us know and we’ll do what we can to meet those needs.

How time and energy-intensive is the programme?

The programme is designed to be action-focused; the time it takes you to complete the programme will depend upon what stage your organisation is at growth-wise, how large it is and how far along the path to equality it is.

We strongly recommend you pursue a sustainable pace when participating in the programme, particularly when it comes to implementing any change across your organisation. We are available to provide input and support when it comes to identifying and achieving a sustainable rate and pace of change for your team and your organisation.

How long do I receive access to the materials for?

Once registered on our platform, you’ll receive access to the materials for the duration of your membership; access will be revoked as soon as your membership is cancelled (this is effective as soon as you either cancel your subscription agreement or let us know in writing of your intention to cancel, whichever comes first).

Is there any live support during the programme?

Yes, participants have access to ONE structured live learning session and ONE monthly office hours session every month with the programme leader/members of our faculty. These will take the format of live, online group video calls. You will also have the option to join a group chat (currently on WhatsApp) if you join with a cohort (a group of people all starting at a similar time).

If you’d like additional support for your organisation, please get in touch to discuss how we can help.

Are there specific start dates?

No, you may start the programme whenever it suits you. We may run group cohorts with specific start dates but these will be optional.

Do I need a visa to study at the Equaliversity?

No. The programme is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Can I receive a refund?

We have a no refunds policy which you can read here; this is to ensure our team is paid for the work we do and the value exchange of the contents you’ve had access to is equal.

Register Your Team To Join The Mx of Equality…

Use the button above to send us an email and one of the founders will be in touch to schedule a time to talk through the options for your organisation.