Mx of Equality (MxE)
Leadership Development

About This Programme

“The MBA for the future” – The Mx* of Equality is a world-first leadership development programme for people committed to creating and leading workplaces that provide equality for all, from a different paradigm of leadership – one of trust and freedom, not power and control.

You’ll learn from experts in their fields – across the intersectional fields of anti-racism, Disability, LGBTQIA2S+ and neurodivergence – and from fellow leaders who are leading organisations and communities around the world, deeply committed to equality.

* Why Mx? It’s gender neutral 😉

Programme Overview

Core Programme

A core programme of 12 modules, in 4 sections. Complete all 12 modules, one elective plus a final project for accreditation from the Equaliversity or select individual sections (3 modules) to enhance specific areas of growth and learning you’ve identified.

Elective Modules

In addition to the core modules, students must choose ONE elective for full accreditation. These include:

  • Equality in Culture, Media & Leisure
  • Equality in Education
  • Equality in Economics & Finance
  • Equality in Governance
  • Equality in Health & Social Care
  • Equality in Justice
  • Equality in Parenting
  • Equality in Sustainability

Final Project

For full accreditation, students will be required to complete a final project with the focus on achieving real impact and change, in the world today.

We use the REAL framework (depicted) to ensure that change is addressed at all levels.

This includes equipping students with the knowledge and skills needed at an individual level and providing tools, resources, frameworks and more at a collective and organisational level.

The REAL World Equality Framework: The word Representation on an orange stripe; the words Equitable & Equal Environment on a yellow stripe; the words Accountability on a green stripe; the words Leading To Equality on a blue stripe.

Programme Objectives

The programme is designed for people who are invested in leading from a different paradigm – from a base of trust and freedom, and not power and control – and who understand the benefits of equality for everyone, including those currently with the most privilege.

Students who participate in the Mx of Equality programme will:

  • Learn, practice and hone the personal competencies and skills they need to lead people with more humanity, more awareness and more understanding (of self and others) to create more safety and equality in the workplace.
  • Gain access to and understand how to use the frameworks, tools and resources needed to design, implement and lead change across an organisation for a more equitable and equal workplace.

The programme is ideal for:

  • Executives and senior leadership teams who are committed to creating a more inclusive and equal organisation, at all levels.
  • HR and People professionals who’ve been tasked with ‘DEI’ objectives in their company, but without the support required.
  • DEI practitioners and professionals who are disillusioned with the status quo and want to ‘do it differently’, supported by rigorous frameworks and world class colleagues.
  • Founders and startups who’d like a roadmap to build their company with equality as a foundation, from the start.
  • Aspiring and current leaders who’d like to develop world class leadership skills to climb the next rung (or several) of their career ladder.

Programme Structure & Content

Introduction: The Path To Equality

In the introduction to the programme, you’ll explore what the path to equality looks like and how we can achieve it.

You’ll explore:

  • What Inequality Looks Like.
  • The Benefits Of Equality For Everyone.
  • The Mechanisms Needed To Achieve Equity & Equality For All.

Section: Representation

In this section, you’ll understand the role representation plays on the path to equality and in building an organisation with the foundations of equality…and why representation alone isn’t enough.

Modules in this section include:

  • The Role Of Representation On The Path To Equality.
  • What Does EQUAL Representation Look Like?
  • Decolonising Representation.

Section: Equity

In this section, you’ll explore what it takes to create an equitable & equal workplace, and why equity is a fundamental and non-negotiable step on the path to equality.

Modules in this section include:

  • The Role Of Equity In The Workplace.
  • An Equitable Vs An Equal Workplace.
  • Decolonising The Workplace.

Section: Accountability

In this section, you’ll explore the role that accountability plays on the path to equality and why, without it, there can be no equality.

Modules in this section include:

  • The Role Of Accountability On The Path To Equality.
  • What Does Accountability For Equality Look Like?
  • Decolonising Accountability.

Section: Leadership

In this section, you’ll explore the role that leadership plays on the path to equality and why a new paradigm – one of trust and freedom, not power and control – is needed.

Modules in this section include:

  • The Role Of Leadership On The Path To Equality
  • What Leading To Equality Looks Like.
  • Decolonising Leadership & Leading (Into) The Future.

Programme Details

Programme Format

The course is delivered 100% online using a variety of multimedia content formats, including:

  • Text
  • Audio
  • Video

While most of the initial content will be in 2D format, more experiential, 3D virtual reality formats will be added to enrich the experience.

Aside from the introductory module, the programme is not linear; students can start with any section they choose and work through them in any order. We recommend Leadership as a beneficial starting point for most.

Programme Fees

To secure your place on the full programme or access to an individual section, you must pay the fees in full prior to starting the programme. By paying the fees in full, you are agreeing to the Equaliversity’s refund policy which can be viewed here.

The fees for the full programme are as follows:

Pre-launch registration: £2,995

  • The pre-launch fee is available until June 2023.
  • This gives you access to new modules as they’re released throughout 2023, beginning in March.

Mid-year registration: £4,995

  • The mid-year fee is available until December 2023.
  • This gives you access to already released modules and any new modules as they’re released throughout 2023.

Full registration: £9,995

  • The full registration fee will take effect from January 2024.
  • All modules will be available to access at this stage.

The fees for individual sections are as follows:

  • Per individual section: £2,495, as they’re released throughout 2023.

The programme launches in March 2023 with the introductory module; the contents of each further module will be made available every 2-3 months.


We offer scholarships designed to support equal access to higher education to leaders committed to making an impact. Scholarships are awarded on an ongoing basis, with either 50% or 100% of fees paid for.

If you’re self-funding (and not employer funded), and are interested in applying for a scholarship, please submit a written statement (up to 750 words) outlining why you believe you should be awarded a scholarship, taking the elements listed below into consideration:

  • Evidence of individual impact already made.
  • Alignment with Mission Equality & the Equaliversity’s core values.
  • A desire to make a positive difference in the world of business and beyond.
  • The potential to become a leader on the path to equality.
  • The ability to fulfil future ambassadorial duties for the Equaliversity & Mission Equality.

We will encourage successful applicants to work with our team to help attract future candidates onto the programme by sharing their experience.


Are there any prerequisites to study the MxE?

No. You do not have to have a degree or work experience and there are no barriers or pre-requisites to studying for the Master of Equality. Pay the fees or apply for a scholarship, and you’re in!

Is this a recognised qualification?

Recognised by whom? As you’ll experience, we are working towards a very different society and world to the one we live in today.

Our goal with the programme is to equip you, as an individual, with the competence, confidence and capabilities to be a leader of the future – a progressive thinker, an impactful action-taker and an ally and accomplice to those who are most deliberately disadvantaged today.

In addition, you’ll gain access to the frameworks, tools and resources to effect change across your organisation, with the opportunity to become a recognised, respected, impactful and trusted leader of your people.

Does all of the learning take place online?

Yes, the programme is run online to make it as accessible as possible to everyone, everywhere.

How many hours of study is required for the programme in total?

We expect each module to take between 15-25 hours in total; so between 180-300 hours in total, plus 15-20 hours for the final project.

We have designed this to be manageable as a part-time programme, achievable alongside a job.

How long do I receive access to the materials for?

Once registered on our platform, you’ll receive access to the materials for 18 months to be able to complete the program.

Is there any live support during the programme?

Yes, students will have access to regular office hours with our faculty. These will take the format of live, online group video calls.

Are there specific start dates?

No, you may start the programme whenever it suits you. We may run group cohorts with specific start dates but these will be optional.

Do I need a visa to study at the Equaliversity?

No. The programme is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.