The Equaliversity Logo:A blue shield with white writing and a rainbow infinity symbol underneath.

Welcome To The Equaliversity…

A Virtual University For Experiential Learning. Teaching a Master of Equality Program To Achieve Equality For All.


Complete a Mx of Equality (MxE) for leadership development that makes a difference.


Get involved in designing a virtual campus based on equality and being built in the metaverse. 


Join our community to get involved and stay in touch as a student or graduate of the Equaliversity.

Faculty & Team

Meet the faculty and team who are your facilitators, guides and teachers on the path to equality.

Achieving REAL Equality

The REAL World Equality Framework: The word Representation on an orange stripe; the words Equitable & Equal Environment on a yellow stripe; the words Accountability on a green stripe; the words Leading To Equality on a blue stripe.

What We Do

At the Equaliversity, we use experiential learning and a virtual world to help students study for and achieve an Mx of Equality accreditation to help build a world which is equal for all, at the individual level, the global level, and everything in between.

The Equaliversity exists because to achieve a world in which everyone is truly equal, we need to understand what that looks like, how we behave (as humans) within it and what we need to do to achieve it. 


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